Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Passsion!


"I'm very passionate to the extraordinary beautiful places in the Philippines because I want to explore the places that I never been there, like Philippines beaches, Natural Wonders, and amazing spots here in the Philippines and  I’m just exploring through surfing internet and visit. I want to know what other places have amazing and extraordinary beautiful place that will have an impact or have a factor to everybody that will passionate to go there in the places they want to go.
I am very adventurous person; I like to go other places and willing to take the risks in order for me to go beyond that place. Especially, to go the beach one of my favorite spots that I feel comfortable and I can relax to,.
And I want to promote the beautiful places here in the Philippines that will have an impact to our tourism industry. Because here in the Philippines, have a lot and amazing places that nobody knows that places is Existing!, So, For me to love and passionate to our beautiful place is one of the best that will help our country to promote to the tourism industry.
 Because I want to be proud of myself that I am a Filipino that our country have to be proud of that that here in the Philippines have a very beautiful places all around in our country. That will promote to our tourist that we have a good and amazing places".
And also I want to  discover new things in our country to appreciate and to be proud that we have to be proud of, in our country we need to discover, for what I am doing now  to explore beautiful places in the Philippines!

Beautiful Places in the Philippines

The Famous Resort in the Philippines that tourist  always visit in our country!

Butanding Interaction

Swimming-whale-shark-Philippines at Donsol Sorsogon Interaction

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